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Today, Literacy Alberni Society is rolling out the welcome mat for our (returning) summer students, Diana Burton and Morgan Buxton! The girls are excited to spend another summer with our amazing staff and students.

The girls' return marks yet another summer of idioms, wrong words, and fun facts via social media! Tune in every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to learn something new. For example, the idiom to "roll out the welcome mat" means to welcome someone with a warm or elaborate display of friendliness or hospitality.

Have you heard any new idioms lately? Let us know in the comments below! :)
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6 hours ago  ·  

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Hey all you literacy lovers out there - it's Friday and it's a long weekend. We know what that means - more time to read :)
Whether your plans are going camping, staying home and doing yard work, or just sitting around relaxing, don't forget to spend time with your favorite book.
While sitting around with your friends, why not enlighten them on the wonders of the words you have just taken in.
Discuss the author's thought and decisions - would you make the same choices if you were writing the piece? What would like to have happened? Think of an alternate ending. What do the character voices sound like in your head. What do the characters look like?
So many questions!
Think of all the possibilities - it's a great way to spend the weekend :)
Be safe, and don't forget your Book!!!
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1 week ago  ·  

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The summer students are back and ready to get their literacy on! The idiom of the day is "to roll our the welcome mat" -- FB us for more.